Sunday, 26 January 2020

Tension Heats up Between Sanders and Warren

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been friends for years. They have a common bond: their love of the government. They’ve worked together in the Senate and have maintained a significant amount of mutual respect for one another. However, tensions have been rising between the two as they’re both frontrunners for the Democratic presidential nomination.

First, word came out that Sanders told Warren that a woman couldn’t be elected.

Now, the Tuesday debate shows that Warren isn’t even going to shake the man’s hand.

What’s funny is that they thought they could be friends throughout the entire ordeal. They felt that their common goal of beating Trump was going to be enough to avoid campaign issues. However, it’s only natural that they would find themselves at odds.

It’s human nature to want to win. Even if Sanders and Warren felt the same way on every single issue, they would want themselves to win, not the other one. As a result, the friendship has been lost as they go head to head.

It’s seen in American beauty pageants all of the time. The women get chummy with each other as they’re doing each other’s makeup and zipping each other’s dresses. Then, the reality strikes that there is only one crown. Suddenly, the girls aren’t so chummy with each other.

The best part of the Democratic debate happened at the very end.

The candidates shook hands and exchanged pleasantries because that’s what they do. Only, Sanders approached Warren with his hand outstretched to her. She rebuffed him, not interested in shaking the sexist man’s hand.

The videos show what happened, but it wasn’t something that was spoken about. Warren had her hands clasped together and Sanders seemed surprised. Warren was speaking to him and Sanders put his hands up to stop her train of thought.

Then, Tom Steyer approached the two of them. Sanders said something and both turned their backs and walked away. Steyer said he didn’t know what the skirmish was all about. What he did say is that whatever it was, he wanted to get out of their way “as fast as possible.”

The encounter appeared to be a way of the two progressives trying to relieve some of the hostilities that took place during the two-hour debate. However, it didn’t seem as though it worked. It may have even added to the rising tensions that have been taking place between the friends. What was said when the mics went off is anyone’s guess – and neither campaign wants to talk about it.

The debate itself was thick with tension. Sanders and Warren were both committed to making sure that their progressive ways stood apart from one another. They clashed over the 2018 meeting they had about talking about running for president. Warren stood by the CNN report that said Sanders told her that a woman couldn’t defeat Trump. Sanders denies that part of the conversation.

The nonaggression pact between the two has been thrown out the window and run over a few hundred times. It’s already identified that Sanders’ campaign had aides attack Warren’s electability.

Quite a few progressive groups have been pressuring the two candidates to put their differences aside. They don’t want to see their causes undermined, leading to people forgetting about both Warren and Sanders in favor of a moderate Democrat, like Buttigieg.

During the debate, Sanders was asked point-blank why he said that a woman couldn’t win the election. He took the defensive yet again to say that he didn’t say it. He also fell back on his character, saying that anyone who knows him knows that it’s “incomprehensible” that he would think that a woman can’t be President.”

However, that’s not exactly what he said during the conversation with Warren in 2018. He said that a woman couldn’t beat Trump. Whatever. Sanders wants to play around with words to make him come across as less sexist, though the media is having a field day with it. They’re turning it around to make it sound like he’s the biggest sexist the world has seen – and Republicans are happy to sit back and watch as the liberal media latches on to one of their own.

Sanders went on to say that, while he hopes it isn’t the case, if any of the men or women on the stage win, he’ll do what he can to see them elected so that it’s possible to defeat the “most dangerous president” in the country’s history.

Warren isn’t willing to let Sanders have his victory in the debate or in the elections. If it’s up to her, she’ll prove him wrong. However, Trump will be the one proving them both wrong in the general election.

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