Thursday, 10 October 2019

Lindsey Graham Checkmates Schiff Says Whistleblower Will Testify Publicly if Democrats Impeach Trump

Lindsey Graham just put Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi on notice and it means we will have a massive battle on our hands if the Dems go through with impeachment.

Trump has said he will not comply with any Dems request for information or testimony until Pelosi makes her side actually vote to open a formal inquiry.

This is a move Pelosi has yet to take and most observers believe it because she does not want her moderate members to go on record in favor of impeachment unless it is absolutely necessary.

In other words, she herself has doubts about the evidence compiled and the case against Trump or believes the GOP Senate would never go along and remove Trump.

Complicating her plans is Lindsey Graham who just upped the stakes.

From Fox News: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., vowed to expose the anonymous whistleblowers against President Trump if Democrats move forward with impeachment; at the same time, he warned against Trump having China pursue an investigation of Joe Biden.

“Here’s what’s going to happen: if the whistleblowers’ allegations are turned into an impeachment article it’s imperative that the whistleblower be interviewed in public, under oath, and cross-examined,” Graham told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” promising that “if that doesn’t happen in the House, I’ll make sure it happens in the Senate.”

Graham pointed to the need for Trump to be able to confront his accusers, saying, “There can be no valid impeachment process unless the president can confront the witnesses against him.”

The complaint accused Trump of using military aid as leverage to pressure Ukraine into investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s efforts to have Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was investigating the firm.

“I think it’s ridiculous to say the president did something wrong based on the phone call,” Graham said, adding that Trump did not suggest any quid pro quo tying the military aid to the Biden investigation, which was being spearheaded by Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

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