Sunday, 13 October 2019

Government Officials Trained in “Information Dark Arts” Are Using These Techniques Against President Trump

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony “Tony” Shaffer joined AONN to discuss the attacks against President Trump. Shaffer worked extensively with intelligence before he retired and he claims that the black bag methods he used then appear to be identical to the ones being used against President Trump currently. Think about it. The main premise of the Democrat’s case against Trump is that he threatened the Ukrainian president with holding back money to force them to investigate Biden.

But, what now? We know that Ukraine opened the Burisma investigation in February and that’s five months before the phone call. Trump says he made no threats. President Zelensky says there were no threats. Everyone who sat in on the call says there was no threat. So, why say there was a threat? Because people will remember the accusation there was a threat but then the left-wing media ignores the debunking of that claim and many people still believe the original lies.

From The Gateway Pundit

However, the Democrats, their deep state operatives and their liberal fake news media have succeeded in persuading a large swath of the US population that Trump committed a criminal act during the call.

Tony Shaffer says this is another example of how trained intel operatives are using their training against the sitting US president.

Tony Shaffer: The pattern that we’ve examined and looked at looks to me like individuals who are trained in what I’ve done and they’ve decided that they are going to use those talents for purposes of political gain, not to protect the American people… The appearances to me Richard are that you have individuals who’ve decided they are willing to vacate tho oath of office for purposes of using these immensely powerful, very dark art, but effective dark arts for purposes of a political party, not to benefit the American people.

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