Thursday, 10 October 2019

Adam Schiff’s First Witness Backfires As GOP Say Volker Did Not Help Impeachment Agenda

“It is deeply unfortunate and regrettable that Schiff’s show trial investigation has clearly affected Volker’s ability to advance U.S. interests with Ukraine,” GOP Rep Mike Turner said,

”It is my strong belief that Volker would not have been involved in nor permitted anything inappropriate, let alone illegal, in his service to our country.”

“I do not believe that Volker’s testimony advanced Schiff’s impeachment agenda,” he added.

“Not one thing he has said comports with any of the Democrats’ impeachment narrative. Not one thing.

But I will tell you this, the process Mr. Schiff has set up, Mr. Schiff was going to try to limit members from even asking questions when we started today’s interview,” said Jim Jordan.

From The Dayton Daily News:

Separately, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that Volker met last year with a top official from the same Ukrainian energy firm that paid Biden’s son Hunter to serve on its board.

The meeting occurred even as Giuliani pressed Ukraine’s government to investigate the company and the Bidens’ involvement with it.Pompeo accused the congressional investigators of trying to “bully” and “intimidate” State Department officials with subpoenas for documents and testimony, suggesting he would seek to prevent them from providing information.

But the committee managed to schedule the deposition with Volker as well as one next week with Marie Yovanovitch, who was U.S. ambassador to Ukraine until she was removed from the post last spring.The spotlight is an unlikely place for Volker, who was brought into the Trump administration by Trump’s first secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, to serve as envoy for Ukraine.

He worked in a volunteer capacity and had retained his job as head of the John McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.

Though his name may not have been known before last week to most Americans, Volker had a long diplomatic career, often working behind the scenes.

He was a principal deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs before becoming the U.S. ambassador to NATO in 2008.In his most recent role as envoy to Ukraine, he spoke openly of U.S. support for Ukrainian sovereignty. Last year, he criticized the expansion of Russian naval operations and Russia’s resistance to full deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping mission in eastern Ukraine to monitor the fight against the Russia-backed separatists.“I do not believe that Volker’s testimony advanced Schiff’s impeachment agenda,” Turner said.

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  1. The people he is dragging before the public, simply are not willing to lie for him or his panel of goons! They know the price of deliberately misleading an investigation. The ones with character will not allow themselves to be used by the Schiff show!