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Career at dubai customs opportunity for all nationalities
Career at dubai customs opportunity

Career at dubai customs opportunity is outstanding. Dubai customs is one of the main government departments involved in promoting sustainable development and promoting the image of Dubai worldwide, becoming a destination of capital, business and tourism director as it facilitates the movement soft legitimate trade and benefit the economic and social development, matter which is consistent with its motto that says "gateway to the prosperity of Dubai", because prosperity is generally based on free trade through a secure environment , fast and practical to meet the needs of people and suit your needs. This, in addition to the main function of the CC to protect society and borders against those who try to smuggle or banned substances through Dubai threatening the security and safety of the community.

Dubai Customs is working tirelessly to provide first-class services to its customers through the development and innovation in new methods to facilitate customs procedures, in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Government of Dubai, which aims to consolidate the position of the emirate and maintaining rates of economic growth, supporting creativity and innovation in the UAE, motivate government agencies do so in line with innovation initiatives that will launch the leadership UAE, including declaring 2015 "Year of Innovation" according to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, International Career Zone UAE and the national Innovation Strategy launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister UAE and ruler of Dubai, which will make the UAE among the most innovative nations in the world within seven years and other similar initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of innovation in government practices.

Dubai Customs plays a key role in protecting the community of infiltration of drugs and prohibited goods for local use, since they impose a great risk to human health, the economy and the elements of society in general. To this end, Dubai Customs uses the latest and most advanced exploration and inspection devices world-class side by side to the high qualified human cadres, whose members received specialized training programs in various areas.

As part of a broader effort to improve the economic and social growth and their belief in the reserve rights of manufacturers, inventors, intellectual property and brand owners of all industrial fields strategic objective; business or literary, Dubai Customs continues to exert a greater effort in the fight against the phenomenon of fraud activities, piracy and counterfeiting.

Dubai Customs has received wide recognition with some of the most prestigious technical awards and customs and ISO certificates in various business fields including corporate excellence, information systems, social responsibility of business, the environment, services customer, and innovation awards and certificates. Jobs Vibe reflects the success of Dubai Customs in delivering high quality services to its customers in the commercial and industrial companies and indicates Dubai Customs strive to continually develop its service and its keenness to incorporate new innovations and technology within of their work process to keep pace with today's challenges.

Dubai career of customs urges all workers to receive their thoughts and recommendations, which can create businesses, reduce costs, build or improve wages advertising management. A Suggestion System and reward (SRS) through which it has submitted proposals and examined and representatives are compensated has been presented.

Race at Dubai Customs and the association directs the annual function to compensate remunerate representatives including several recognized classifications and specialized units.

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There are lot of Job Vacancies in Dubai. Experts are moving to Dubai for the sake of hunting good jobs because UAE prefers to choose a person for that respective job if that person is present in the country at the moment.