Offshore Drilling Jobs How To Get Hired

Offshore Drilling Jobs How To Get Hired Without Drilling Experience

Offshore Drilling Jobs How To Get Hired Without Drilling Experience So, you want to work in a drilling position on the high seas. Do you know which companies are involved in offshore oil extraction? In addition to the great players like BPJobs Jano Shell, etc. Did you know that these big shots do not always do their own drilling? Very often today, they are forced to outsource some of the work to smaller players. Have you heard of these companies: Diamond Offshore (Houston, USA), Dolphin Drilling (Tananger, Norway) and Frigstad Offshore (Singapore)? How about Offrig Drilling ASA, Scorpion Offshore, Songa Offshore and Thule Drilling ASA? These are just some of the companies in the modern oil industry. In your own way, you can call them modern wildcatters. During the latest fall in oil prices, giants such as BP and Shell stopped investing in their personnel and in oil extraction technologies. But some smaller companies correctly predicted that prices would rise again. They invested in R & D to develop new drilling techniques and technologies. They build new oil rigs for offshore drilling. These are the guys that Shell and BP are subcontracting for oil drilling services.
Offshore Drilling Jobs

If you want to work on an offshore oil drilling rig, you have two main options. The way most people think is to get on board as part of the rig. If you have previous experience, you are probably a fireman or derrickman. If not, you have to enter as a bully or pawn. The drillers are practically the second in command and the assistant manager of the oil rig. Technically, a bully / laborer is a worker. On the other hand, how many workers earn $ 50,000 per year for only 6 months of work each year? Unlike a normal worker, who never has the opportunity to reach the level of manager, a bully with the right attitude has a reasonable chance of becoming a manager of an oil rig. Of course, first you have to fight your way through derrickman and driller.

This is not the only way to get an offshore drilling job. If you have some useful trade, such as a cook or doctor, this will be a good option, regardless of your experience in the offshore oil rig. You get the same generous living conditions as the drill team and a better salary than comparable work on the mainland.

Just because it's an offshore oil rig does not mean you do not need office personnel. No matter where you go, you can not avoid paperwork. You will still find your paper pushers. Except that in the oil platform they are called tool pushers. They work in the offices of the platform and on the floors of the platform.

It also has the mechanical department and the electrical department. The mechanical department hires mechanics, mechanics and maintenance supervisors who are responsible for all mechanical operations. The electrical department includes jobs as an electrician, electronics technician and maintenance supervisors who repair and take care of all electrical equipment.

Offshore drilling work is a very lucrative career. As you can see, you do not need drilling experience to be hired on an offshore oil rig. And now that you know that there are companies other than Shell that hire people, you have many ways to participate in the action. You can enter as part of the drilling team or as a trader.

Possible Careers Without Degrees job speed

Possible Careers Without Degrees  problem these days is that many students can no longer afford a college education. For some, they choose to make student loans that can really create a big problem for them. But there are those who simply settle for poorly paid jobs. This is no longer a problem today. Those who can not go to college can now opt for other careers. For example, they can choose courses such as bicycle mechanic, where they can get a good career even without a university degree. A college degree is not the only basis for success.

The following are some tips on how you can start a good career even without a college degree:

When you enter sales you do not need a degree. Your notes do not really matter much. You only need to have the sales personality. You just need to know how to convince people and seal the deal. Sales are one of the central factors for companies, so opportunities are severely depleted. Also, not only earn from your salary.

Vocational Technician
There are also those who might be interested in playing with things. In this case, there are still some opportunities for your abilities. You can try taking courses like mechanical cycle training. Or you can also opt for plumbing and other practical work. It does not take many years until you finish the course. You simply need to take a few courses and go out to get experience while you win. These are very essential skills, so you will have many job options.

If you like sports but are not so interested in getting a sports scholarship, you can take your sports career seriously. If you're good and you're lucky, sports are a multi-million dollar race.

Secretarial jobs
If it's good to organize and keep up with a tight schedule, you can opt for secretarial work. You can become a medical assistant if you are in the health field. You should book appointments with patients and help doctors with your needs. You can also choose to become a paralegal assistant at a law firm. If you do it right, these jobs can earn more money than other publications for college graduates.

Information Technology
Another career that requires more skill than a university degree is information technology. There are many career options for web design, graphic design, animation, etc.
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