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New jobs in the Park Army

The Pakistani Air Force and the Navy dispatched the first female pilots to view details and crew information from Pakistani women in Pakistan in 2012. At present, there are only about 640,000 IISS users. Since the establishment of the army in 1947 (naval and air force), he has been involved in four wars and several border disputes in India adjacent to Afghanistan.

Since 1947, it has maintained a strong position through inter-Arab service. Past Arab-Israeli war and help in the first Gulf War and coalition. Recent collaborative work carried out by the military Zarb, including the recent Electronic Azb. Operation Toar - Electronic Tender (Black Thunder) and Operation La-e-Nijat (Rescue Route.

General Ayoubukan later ruled in Pakistan's first election, including former Prime Minister Sulpikar Ali Bhutto, and became the first prime minister since the Pakistani military coup in 1958 became a politician. Tensions raged in the 1960s with a simple border dispute with India that fought near Rann in the Kutch area for five years. Operation of Gibraltar failed in April 1965 after the war began in August 1965. They arrived at the village of the profession but stopped attacking in Lahore with the power of India.

The occupation of Lahore is likely to come back from the truce negotiations.
The war that ended in the United Nations ceasefire led to the Tashkent Declaration. Library The National Research Council, conducted by the Federal Research Division,

War was a decisive army. The two sides detained prisoners and some other areas. On the Pakistan side, the losses were relatively large. 20 aircraft, 200 tanks and 3,800 troops. The Pakistani army could withstand the pressure of India, but if the battle continues, it will lead to a defeat and ultimate defeat for Pakistan.

Much of the faith in Pakistan 's martial arts schools accused his soldiers of failing to achieve their goals. The Hindu Indians must accept the possibility of military defeat in their country to consider how to do this. It was an inappropriate wife to Ayoub Khan and his government.

The army also played an important role in rescuing the soldiers.

According to Article 243 of the Pakistan Constitution, he was trapped in the Gothic snake operation in 1993. He actively participated in UN peacekeeping missions, and the President appointed civilian superintendent -IN-. (COA), the president appoints a four-star general law chief of staff, the Supreme Army, according to the advice and clarification of the Prime Minister.

He was tried and plotted to murder political opponents of his own choice by Mia Jia's judge. In 1984 to 1980, until the death of Moshammad Iqbal Khan, commander in a few days and an air accident in order to withdraw his appointment as a military dictator, it was the highest martial law at that time.

In the mid-1970s, our military joined forces in Afghanistan.

Bloch's faction wanted independence, or at least a big fat right. The rebellion, but the commander of the Bhutto government troops suffered many casualties. After Bhutto was deposed, he returned to Rhimuddin's top on a local general.

The headquarters function of the Judge General (JAG) and the technical staff of the private auditor were both the Military Corps (MES) Corps Head and all of the Army Chiefs of Staff, including the Chief of Staff.

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