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The United States ranked the highest in the 20 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Health 1, the list of countries for medical expenses, but the last of the coverage.

Us health gov As US compared to OECD countries compared to the average of eighty-two years for similar life expectancy at birth in the country - is lower than in the just and seventy - ninth year.
Until now ACA has managed to provide more health benefits to the United States:
Uninsured percentage fell to 12.9% below the fourth quarter 2014 from 17.1% in the fourth quarter of 2013 significantly.
However, considerable work still has to be done to improve the cost and quality of health care received US. In terms of infant mortality, the United States is ranked 169 of 224 countries surveyed above.

In the survey of 11 countries, the elderly and sick are American adults than their counterparts abroad, as well as problems such as the possibility to pay their medical expenses and found that receiving medical services they need.
US adults reported using the emergency room for problems being treated in a timely manner the difficulties that primary care physicians can treat.

Approximately 200,000 Americans have died, including the prevention of medical errors facilities acquired conditions.

Research in the hospital setting indicates that among the most significant contribution to the adverse drug reactions (ADES a) hospital-related complications. ADES is, approximately 2 million hospital including one-third of the hospital side effect has been estimated to extend the hospital stay up to affect the length maintained annually, approximately 1.7 4.6 days.

After passing ACA great development it has been enhanced by the insurance throughout the country, but more work needs to be done to improve the quality and cost of care. This part of the health reform physicians and other medical professionals should work together to improve the way health care is delivered to patients.

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Word health means to others, depending on the situation different. Someone is speaking, "was worried about her husband's health when he climbed Mount Everest", when the body of the (woman's husband in good health, and perhaps his mind, see the risk of skin (the statue) and hypothermia is clear Temperature It is too low delete. This not include in Us health gov just for explained information we explained there topic read more as down mentioned.

On the other hand, if you hear the phrase, "for all closed on weekends presentations and work, I have the effect will be on her health and wonder," This word is most likely "health" (although more on mental health than physical health often it means two) are connected.

The word "state" or "healthy" may be used in non-medical situations. For example, a "healthy economy remains in expansion phase of the business cycle as long as possible requires an ideal GDP growth rate."

The English word "health" comes from the Old English word Hale means "well totality, the whole, or sound." Hale protocol, which means "whole, undamaged, good sign" - comes from European routes kailo - India. Kailo prototype is - comes from the Germanic root khalbas, meaning any breaks.

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OECD countries have a total GDP and GDP average person over the last 10 years at least one person.

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